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UK Country Radio's
SONG OF THE YEAR award 2021!




2014 saw the release of Ayesha's self penned, self produced, debut album "A Thousand Shores", which received great reviews from Music Magazines, & music lovers alike. The album was a labour of love that took a fight to full fruition, and was an entirely independent project. 


Ayesha wrote the songs that made it to the final 11 on the album, whilst travelling & performing around Australia & America, where she struggled to find somewhere to call home. Far flung from her native Wales and Celtic roots, and thrown in at the deep end of American dive bar culture. She played for tips, wrote songs between sets, & developed her unique sound that falls somewhere between the cracks of Celtic Rock, Americana, Country & Blues. 

"There isn't a single weak song on A THOUSAND SHORES, which would be the ideal soundtrack to a cruise down the sun-scorched highways of the American South"

Tim Horne Maverick Magazine

"Surely one of the finest Female Country voices you will ever hear"

Jason Elliott Phoenix FM

"I think this is REALLY good"

Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

Both ASHES OF A MAN & DASHBOARD JESUS from A THOUSAND SHORES went on to place well in the International Song Writing Competition in 2014 & 2015.

The second album NOCTURNE is a deeper, darker, departure from its predecessor, and you can almost hear the years of gigs, blood, sweat and tears that provided the gritty backdrop to the albums' journey to the studio.

"I'm a piano player. Yeah, I have to play the keyboard for obvious reasons on the road, but I'm a piano player first and forever. I have always adored its haunting, melancholic sound. I often write & play at night... which is where a lot of these songs began their journey to the studio.  The piano lends itself to a good portion of the album, but I didn't want to be helmed in by it's constraints, as there's a lot of colours to these songs: From soft & melancholic, to sheer lust & madness. I worked on a few of the songs with my husband Mark, as I wanted to explore the full spectrum of sounds available to me, to better express all aspects & emotions of the content. He is a really creative player, and I definitely pushed him to his limits at times... You can hear this creative approach to the guitar throughout. Particularly in the song that shares it's name with the album, NOCTURNE, the guitar is almost cello-like" 

Like her debut, the second album was recorded at Sonic One Studios. Where Tim Hamill was once again at the desk. 

"Tim is second to none for his amiable yet exceptionally knowledgable presence. He assists in engineering your complete vision to life, and is not the least bit heavy handed. He is such a pleasure to work with & be around and he knows EVERYTHING. We love recording there. The studio is amazing, but it's Tim that keeps us coming back."

The second album has been every bit as much of a labour of love as the first. Taking 6 years from the release of A THOUSAND SHORES to bring forth for release later this year. The same trails and tribulations as the chaos of life inevitably tries to derail plans & ambitions. Not least of which the global pandemic that is now a challenge for everyone in the arts.

"We need art now more than ever. I have gone back and forth on the worth of it, especially in terms of recent events. True, we artists are not doctors healing the world. But at times we can heal souls with our work. Art will help us stay strong until this is all over, and it will help to soothe our wounds thereafter. Art is hope. That is why I've decided to go ahead with the release, as it is most definitely that for me- a release. I am excited to fully realise it, share it...then move boldly into the new world to see what's next."

NOCTURNE  is definitely of a very different ilk than A THOUSAND SHORES. And why wouldn't it be, when art and the artist develop & mature with, and through, each other. Ayesha took her creativity to the next level on this project, directing, filming & editing her own music videos & short films to accompany a few of the songs, a couple of which have gone on to do well at international film festivals in their own right through her indie production company MOONROCK.

"This album has challenged me in so many ways. I was determined to dig deeper. I was determined to be honest. Exploring the best & worst of myself. A woman is a complicated creature, all too often undermined, misunderstood, at times she finds herself under pressure to adapt or diminish herself to be accepted. But her true nature runs deep & wild. She is loving & strong, she is capable of kindness, as she is capable of cruelty. This is not an album of love songs. But there's definitely some songs about love, and all the other stuff that goes hand in hand with the journey toward it. Fear, jealousy, ecstasy, revenge... the whole mess of it. The truth.. through a woman's eyes."  


You can listen to NOCTURNE on Spotify, Amazon Music & Apple Music Now. And CD's and Nocturne Merch is available in the website store.



"The Universe is for sale"

for UK Country Radio's

SONG OF THE YEAR award 2021!