Ayesha Pontin: NOCTURNE Album

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NOCTURNE Full studio album

‘Nocturne’. Evocative of the night. Hints of mystery, shades of black and blue, glistened by stars of hope.

You can’t help but feel intrigued by the album title. And, it fits, perfectly.

Ayesha Pontin has blended emotions, hooks, melodies and depth into every nuance.

6 years on from the release of her acclaimed debut - ‘A Thousand Shores’ - Ayesha is back with ‘Nocturne’, 10 original tracks of pain and love, thrills and dreams, wants and why’s. Exquisite songcraft, exemplary vocals, Ayesha pours a life hard lived into a blend of Americana, Blues and Contemporary all her own.

‘Nocturne’ shines, moves, emotes and flows.

A rare treat from a rare and true artist.

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